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Cavity Wall Insulation


Cavity wall insulation.
With our homes losing up to 30-35% of there heat through the walls it is important to ensure that any cavity walls are correctly insulated. In most houses built after the 1930ís the external walls are made of two layers to create an air cap or cavity. Falling to correctly insulate this cavity could be costing you an extra 25% on your heating bill annually. This could make potential saving of £100+ each year.
It is not difficult to check if your home has cavity walls. By measuring the thickness of the wall at any entrance door you will find (if it is a cavity wail)  a measurement of 26.5cm (or 10.5inches). Another way to tell is the brick pattern. Cavity walls usually differ from solid walls. The diagram below shows the typical brick pattern for each type of wall.








                       Typical cavity wall                                   Typical solid wall                        


There are several groups which offer grants for installing cavity wall insulation, and in some cases (i.e. people who are claiming income support) a grant could be as much as 100%.


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