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A  D Breden Ltd are offering a 400.00 discount on any solar water heating system ordered before April 1st 2007.

Example. A standard 2 panel system including panels, new high efficiency hot water cylinder, pump, control equipment, all connection work complete with installation costs  4,500 + VAT with discount you will only pay  4,100 + VAT.  It is also worth remembering that VAT is set at  5% on renewable energy products.

The above example should suit most 3 or 4 bedroom houses with a southerly facing roof.

Offer is subject to location and site survey.


After investigating available products, A.D.Breden Ltd have chosen an evacuated tube system manufactured by a German company called Schott. The system offered is one of the most popular products on the market and is widely installed across Europe. Schott are a leading concern in renewable energy products and produce products which are very efficient and robust. Their products are also extremely good value for money and will, without any doubt, save on your annual energy bills. As with all renewable energy products the amount you save by having them installed will vary. This is due to a number of factors such as, in the case of solar installs, which direction the property faces, quality of the product and how it is used, through to what other products you already have fitted. We offer a Free low energy survey and no obligation quotations to help you decide what products are best for you and your family. It has been proved through official and independent surveys that heating our homes is one of the biggest culprits for producing greenhouse gasses such as CO2.. So by having products like solar water heating, solar pv or loft insulation fitted you will be directly helping to reduce these gasses as well as saving yourselves money which will help to create a better future for coming generations

For more information see Solar Water Heating.



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